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20 August 2007 @ 09:19 am
51 - A life changing event  
Muse involved: Laura Roslin
Fandom Involved: Battlestar Galactica
Word count: 350

I'd stood in front of my class, eyes gazing over the children as they passed yearbooks back and forth. Another year was over, and soon I would be saying my final goodbyes among my colleagues and friends. The decision to make the move from teaching to politics had been difficult, but if things were going to change, a strong voice needed to be heard. I knew I'd miss the chatter of the children, the undivided attention, and the love for learning most of the kids possessed. But at the time, I'd thought that perhaps there would be another opportunity to teach again.

After the last bell had rung and the students had all filed out, I sat behind my desk for the last time. Packing my things, I went through the drawers carefully, knowing I would be remiss if I left behind a card or trinket. I had collected many things over the years, both as gifts and confiscated items. But there was something specifically that I searched for, and when my hand glided across the folder, I remember swallowing softly. Bringing the paperwork into the light, I lifted out the first folded piece of construction paper.


I read every card, misspellings and all, and wept behind my desk. I hadn’t thought it would be this hard. But, it was already too late to go back. My position had already been filled at the school, and the Board of Education wouldn’t let an award winning teacher slip through their grasp. They’d already offered me more than what I was comfortable with, and I knew if I turned them down now, it would look horrible.

So, I finished packing my desk and taking select things from the classroom that I had donated over the years and wanted to keep with me. As I walked out, box on my hip, I looked back one more time before finally making my way down the dark hallway.

If only I had known what the future held.